Cleveland Industrial Heritage Magazine (CIH) aims to record and comment upon matters relating to and affecting the past and current industries of the Cleveland area. In this context Cleveland has a broad definition in that it is deemed to extend from Hartlepool in the north, to Scarborough in the south, and to the west it takes in Darlington and surrounding areas.

Cleveland Industrial Heritage Magazine is edited and published by Peter Tuffs. Many books and photographs associated with Cleveland Ironstone and Cleveland geology are also available from the publisher.

CIH is published twice per year, in April and September. It is published in two editions, a monochrome edition priced at 2.50 per magazine, and a colour edition, priced at 4.50 per magazine. An annual subscription may be taken at a price of 5.00 or 9.00 (this price includes postage).

CIH was started some sixteen years ago by Peter Tuffs. Peter is currently the editor, publisher and general factotem.

Among the many interesting articles that have appeared in the magazine are a series by Denis Goldring entitled "Along the Scar". This series of articles describes the economic geology of the coast between the mouth of the River Tees and the Peak in North Yorkshire. It is now a best selling book of some 146 pages. Along the Scar can be obtained from the publisher of CIH or good bookshops.

Denis has also authored a sister volume to Along the Scar, entitled "Along the Esk". This new volume, somewhat larger than Along the Scar, deals with the economic geology of the Esk river valley and its tributaries as relate to past industries.