The current edition is number 39 Autumn/Winter 2016



This edition contains an article by Stuart Marriot about the Hamer coalfield

Share Certicates of the local potteries

The Whitby Iron Company, as seen by the newspapers compilled by Chris Twigg

John Allen concludes his story of whinstone extraction at Great Ayton

The alum trade story is continued

The cover illustration is of the back side of the furnaces at Skinningrove iron works. It shows the barrows used to carry the furnace burden up to the top of the furnaces

The magazine contains numerous high quality illustrations

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CIH Magazine No. 39 is available now in two editions. Black and white at 2.50 and colour at 4.50, both editions contain 38 A5 pages amply illustrated


CIH Magazine No. 40 will be published in April 2017